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First, thank you for using ‘Wishful Blog‘ theme and choosing ‘Pro‘ version of this theme.

Here, we will be talking about Pro Features only. Before moving forward, please look into Previous Page so that you will be clear about using ‘Wishful Blog‘ theme options. If you want to go Previous Page then click here.

Once you have read all about Previous Page then, we have short table of contents where you can look into specific section you are looking for in Pro Version.

Extended Features of Pro Theme

Pro Recommendation

Pro Installation

Installing pro is much easier than other themes. We have extended pro features of theme from plugin (Add-on Based) where you should not be worrying about deleting free theme and installing new theme for getting pro features.

Note : We will be using ‘Pro Plugin‘ as reference to understand ‘Wishful Blog Pro‘ in this documentation.

First of all, you have to buy our Pro Plugin from our store. Once you have bought, you will be getting a download link to download pro plugin named as

Note : xxx defines for the Pro Plugin version.

Once you have downloaded the pro plugin then, you can install in different ways. There are two easiest ways to install pro plugin :

  • Via WordPress

We assume that, you have login to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Dashboard – Plugins – Add New. You will see Upload Plugin button at top of the page. Click on button and you will be seeing choose file and choose the file you get from our store and click install to install plugin.

  • Via FTP

Get log on into your site file manager through FTP accounts. Extract the file ‘‘ you downloaded from our Store. Go to the YourSiteName/WP-content/plugins/ folder on your server and upload the extracted folder.

Now, navigate to Dashboard – Appearance – Plugins and you can see ‘Wishfulblog Pro‘ listed on your plugins page. Click on activate to activate Pro Plugin.

Note : Pro Plugin is only available from our store. Do not use plugin from other sources for security purposes.

Pro License Activation

Once you have activated plugin, then you can see notice where your license is not activated. You need to activate license in order to use pro features fully and to get regular updates.

To activate your license, you need to navigate to Dahsboard – Wishfulblog Pro License or you can click on the link appeared on notice also.

You have to use your license key (can be found on your account order page) and once it has been successfully activated, you can activate full features of pro version.

Extended Features of Pro Theme

Now, it’s time to go inside pro features that has been extended. Here are step wise features that has been extended and newly features introduced. You can click to jump to specific step or section.

Common Pro Extended Features

Pro Single Post/Page Layouts

Understanding Pro Widgets Area & Custom Widgets

Pro Demo Import

Importing demo of Wishful Theme is easier with one click. Once you have activated license, you can import Demos of Wishful Blog that has been created (Pro Demos). Make sure, you have installed Wishful Companion Plugin which is available in

You have to navigate to Dashboard – Appearance – Install Demo and you can see all the demos available for Wishful Blog theme. You can follow the Setup Wizard for step wise or directly import demos also.

You can get preview demo link by hovering your mouse cursor. And if you like anyone of them, then you can select that demo. You will have option to import all contents (xml file), widgets and customizer options also. You can check which you want to import also.

While importing, it may take around approximately 2 – 5 minutes as per different factors. And once, it is done, you can preview your site.

Note : If you find any issue regarding Demo Import, then we are there for you to assist.

Common Pro Extended Features

Here, we define common as throughout the every option. Here are lists where, options are extended :

Typography Options

If you are moving from ‘Wishful Blog‘ free theme then you have found typography options of font family, font weight. Here, font family has been extended with more than 800+ Google Fonts where you can use.

Beside it, font weight options has been added, and on every typography options, line height and letter spacing option has been added.

Post Type Options

You have been seeing post type options where you want to display your posts right ? There, you can select Recent or Popular Posts only. But, in pro version, you can select Title Sorted Posts and Random Posts to display.

Display Meta Options

If you have seen display meta options in Widgets or Customizer options, then one more is added that is, Display Posted Date which displays the date of the post where it has been updated.

Pro Customizer Options

On moving to customizer options, you need to navigate to Dashboard – Appearance – Customize. Here are the quick list that has been extended in Pro version.

Footer Options

Note : We assume that, you are inside customizer section.

Pro Site Identity

Extended features for site identity falls under Common Pro Extended Features above. The typography options are added for site identity which can be found in Logo & Header Options – Site Logo.

Header Options

When you navigate to Logo & Header Options – Main Header, there you can see Header Layouts where you can select header layouts as per your wish.

Beside it, When you just go back from above, then you can see Social Icon. There, you can set the social icon font size as well as color.

General Options

There are different sections extended as well as new added also. Here we will go into every section.

Global Color

Beside primary color, you can see border, button related color such as Border Color, Button Text Color, Hover Color and Background Color also.

Widget Color

In widget color section, you can set social icon color appeared on widget areas, elements color (means having background color section especially of tag clouds and default widgets).

Post Listing Color

In this option, you can find enable or disable option for custom button design. If you enable then you can set color as per your wish which is appeared in Post Listing Section for homepage, archive and search page.

Sidebar Options

You can enable or disable sticky sidebar option. If you want your sidebar to be sticky then, you can enable it.

Banner Options

If you see banner layouts then, you can see different layouts options. You can find about different 5 banner layouts. Along with it, you can find Post Type options which is described in Common Pro Extended Features above.

Homepage Options

In homepage options, you see Post Listing Layouts. There you can see different layouts which has been added in pro version. Masonry 2 Column, Masonry 3 Column, Block Layout and Grid 3 Column are pro layouts.

Beside it, you can see button style where you can set button style as per your wish also.

Note : 3 Columns are in full width that means, no sidebar is appeared.

Site Pages Options

Archive Page

All options are same as of Homepage Options for pro version. You can view just above of this section.

Search Page

All options for search page is as of Homepage Options for pro version. You can take reference from above.

Single Post

Display Post Meta has been extended where it is described in above section Common Pro Extended Features.

Social Share Options

You can find this options in Social Share Options of customizer. In these options, you can enable or disable to display. If you enable, you can see options for Share text, display in single post or pages and which social share to be enabled also.

Along with it, you have option for social share icon font size and icon color also.

Pagination Options

You can see the Pagination Options in customizer. Typography options and Color options for pagination has been added in pro version.

In footer options, you can remove the copyright markup of WishfulThemes. You are free to write your own text.

Pro Single Post/Page Layouts

As from free version, you have an option for setting sidebar position. But, in pro version, you can select post/page layouts of your wish. You can find this option in Right side of posts/page which you’re editing right now.

You can see Post/Page attributes and there you have an option for selecting Layouts. There are extra Two different layouts available for now.

Understanding Pro Widgets Area & Custom Widgets

As you have read all about previous post, then you might understand about widgets area also. In pro version, there are different widget areas that has been added for every site pages.

Homepage Bottom Widget Area

This is widget area where widgets will be displayed after post listing and before footer section.

Header Advertisement

This will be displayed for only header layout two in pro version. You can use this to show your advertisement banner.

Archive Page Top Widget Area

All widgets here will be displayed in the archive pages at top section that means, between the header menu and archive title.

Search Page Top Widget Area

All widgets here will be displayed in search page between the header menu and search title.

Single Pages Top Widget Area

All widgets here will be displayed in single pages. It will be shown between header menu and page title.

Single Posts Top Widget Area

All widgets here will be displayed in single posts. It will be shown between header menu and posts title.

Pro Widgets

We have added pro widgets where it is easily recognized by blue color in your list of widgets.

WBP : Advertisement Widget

You might want to display advertisement as per your desired images and links. So, we have come up with Advertisement Widget. You can select the custom image, and its size. Beside it, you can set custom link, rel attributes for SEO purpose, and open in new tab options.

Images size for this widget are listed in Pro Recommended Section below.

Note : This widget can be used in all Widgets Area.

WBP : Category Widget

Category widget refers to display your all categories as per you chooses. Beside categories, you can display the category images as well.

For choosing category images for specific category, then you have to navigate to Dashboard – Posts – Categories and you can see all your categories listed there. Choose any of the category you want to use for Category Widget and you can see the Category Image option where you can set custom image for that category.

Once you have done above process, you are done and preview your site to see it.

Note : This widget area can be used in only Sidebar Area, Footer Widgets Area (left, middle and right) and WooCommerce Sidear if plugin is activated.

Additional Free Widgets Information

As from previous page, WB : Homepage Widget was said to be only for Homepage Top Widget Area but for pro version, you can use for All Homepage Widget Area, Archive, Search, Single Post and Page Widget Areas.

Pro Recommendation

Image Size

For image size for pro version, here are the list of image size you likely to upload :

  1. The recommended image size for post/page layouts is 1600 * 900 PX.
  2. The recommended image size for advertisement widget as per widget area are :
    1. Sidebar section is 360 * 400 PX.
    2. Heade Section is 720 * 90 PX.
    3. Fullwidth Section is 1200 * 100 PX.